VCF Annotation Tools (VAtools)

VAtools is a python package that includes several tools to annotate VCF files with data from other tools.


A tool that will add the data from bam-readcount files to the VCF sample column.


A tool that will add the data from several expression tools’ output files to the VCF INFO column. Supported tools are StringTie, Kallisto, and Cufflinks. There also is a custom option to annotate with data from any tab-delimited file.


A tool that will add data from a tab-delimited file to any user-specified field in the VCF INFO column.


A tool to add a new sample to an existing VCF file or fill in the GT field for an existing sample in a VCF.


A tool to create a tab-delimited (TSV) file of variants in a VCF and their VEP annotations.


A tool to identify variants in a VCF where the reference genome used to align and call variants doesn’t match the Ensembl reference transcript used by VEP for variant consequence annotations.


A tool that extracts and manipulates values from existing sample fields and outputs the results to a TSV file.